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Books for children of all ages

© Lolisa Monroe

I am very pleased to introduce my books for children of all ages.  These books are self-published and edited.  I have taken each of the photographs with my good ol’ Cannon Rebel that I have had for more than fifteen years. 

The photos are all- natural and have not been edited.  They allow the reader to see through my camera lens, experiencing exactly what was in my view.  The gift of freezing a moment in time like they do in National Geographic is amazing.  I hope that my photographs bring a little smile and help teach little lessons to little ones.  

The books are paperback, and every page is printed on heavy paper so little hands can flip them easily.  The images are printed to the edge,  so no paper is wasted and every detail  is captured on each page. 

Currently there are fifteen titles available in the 'Miss Lisa's Little Learners' series and one title in the new 'Miss Lisa's Little Writers.'  I hope to have them all in schools, libraries and hospitals near you.


Enjoy the view!


PO Box 60 ~  Weld, Maine 04285   
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