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Why children's books ?


My love for books started a long time ago.  Because of a volatile home life, my siblings and I attended four different schools as well as a year of home schooling.  Lack of stability at home made school life difficult.  It was very hard to make friends and fit in. 

There were two things that helped me make in through school, several of my teachers and books.  I know that may sound silly, but books were an escape from my real life.

They took me to a place that was warm and safe.  I could sit in the closet with a flashlight and head off to the hundred-acre woods with Pooh.  Thumper would always make me laugh and my scratch and sniff version  was a favorite.  

It was the best feeling for me to walk into school and

see boxes labeled Scholastic, the book fair was

coming!  My piggy bank would be broken and with

mom's contribution I would be headed to the book

fair.  There would be a very serious deliberation.

It would be months before I had the opportunity

again.  Where would I like to go in the next few

months?  Which adventure would I like to go on? 

Would there be a new Laura Ingalls book?

The ability of a book to entertain, heal and

transport you to another place is a gift.  Many of

these books made it to my daughters' story-times,

then to their book shelves and remain there today. 

The ultimate goal of any book,  is to be good enough

to be shared and enjoyed for a long time.

I hope my books will bring smiles and warmth to those

who read them be shared with family and friends. 

The books are designed to offer learning moments

and enjoyment for children from three to

one hundred and three!


My background is in manufacturing.  For

twenty-seven years I was a co-owner and

general manager of Winderosa Manufacturing

in Western Maine.  I lived most of my life

within a fifteen-mile radius of Dixfield. 

For several years I was on the local School Board

and served as head of personnel.  I served on the

Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership Board, the Maine State Chamber Board, as a Corporator for Franklin Savings Bank and the Department of Commerce DEC Board.

I am proud to have been a single mom who worked hard to raise two wonderful daughters.  They both have successful careers, one as a kindergarten teacher and the other pursuing her career in fashion design and marketing. 

Volunteering in the community, schools and church has been and continues to be very

important to me. Six years ago, I left my job due to health issues and moved to

Portland to be close to my daughters.  Thanks to my laptop and my camera,

I have found a new purpose to be passionate about.  Children, animals and

photography have always been dear to me, so I started creating books for my

daughter to share with her students. I have been overwhelmed by the smiles and

pleasure they have brought to children and adults.  My goal now is to have them in

libraries, schools, hospitals and perhaps one day your home. My first volume,

'Diego the Donkey' has found a home in all the hands of an orphanage in Kenya,

and I hope to get more of them to the children there soon.  


I am now married to my best friend Scott Monroe and we enjoy living in Weld with our

corgi, Grace.  One day while volunteering at my daughter's school, I saw the Scholastic boxes sitting in the hallway  ........................... goosebumps!

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