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Scott Monroe was an Arborist from Connecticut with no horse experience.  At forty, he decided to take up Combined Driving and soon aspired to be on the United States Equestrian Team.  

This book shares the adventure Scott embarks on ‘Following His Shadow’ for nearly twenty-three years.   How his determination, focus and one amazing horse made their dreams come true. 

This story is based on true life events with many of Scott’s training methods shared throughout the pages. 

It is an easy and enjoyable read  for all who cherish he incredible bond between horses and their people.

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For the Love of Weld, is a collection of short stories about the lives of two amazing men, Fred Hoster from Dallas, Texas and Jon Holmes of Dixfield, Maine.  Their journeys may be different, but they both share a sincere love for others, a lifetime of giving and the incredible ability to overcome adversity with a smile and a joke. 

During the Pandemic of 2020, their mutual love of the little Western Maine town of Weld and Webb Lake inspired this manuscript.  Jon 'passed a hug' from Weld to Dallas and the tales that were shared just begged to be told.


Here are some messages from readers:

“ I enjoyed traveling through this new book 'Following My Shadow' by Lolisa Monroe. It taught me the language of equestrians and trainers and their love for the horse. Monroe invites the reader to travel to countries through the world of horses. I felt as if I was traveling to all these many places with Scott and his horse, Shadow. Monroe takes us to Sweden, Holland, France, and Italy to experience Scott and Shadow’s competitions. It is an interesting and heartwarming story of how Scott’s life begins in a small Connecticut town and the different choices he makes along the way. It is a love story about a horse and his loving owner, driver. I would certainly recommend this book  'Following My Shadow'."
                                                        J. Busing

“This wonderful book, besides being a compelling tale in itself, is chock full of information, everything from how to gain horses' trust to how to equip them for flying overseas. A must-read for every horse-lover!"    

                                                                 Melinda Takeuchi, Professor

                                                                        Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures

                                                                                         Stanford University

"What an absolutely delightful read!!  I couldn't put it down until it was finished!! 

                                                                           Jo Dee Howard, CA


"Following my Shadow is a very special book about perseverance and the powerful impact that an animal can have on one's life.  Competition, fast cars and world travel are just a few of the special moments shared throughout the book. 


No matter your age, profession or knowledge of the horse world, you are sure to feel a connection to Scott and his Shadow in this absorbing story based on true life events. " 

                                                                           Miss Kate Bonney, Teacher


"Wonderful book filled with training tips and techniques, based on a true story of a man and his horse as they journey to international carriage driving competitions working from the ground up. There is so much to be learned from this book, not just about driving, but also about good horsemanship.  I found this book motivating, inspirational, and fun to read. 


I met Scott several years ago and have been fortunate to be able to take driving lessons from him as well as having him mentor me as I worked towards my American Driving Society Combined Driving recorded License.  Thank you Scott & Lolisa for this this delightful book!  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about carriage driving and good horsemanship.  Five Stars!


                                                                              Teresa Bron, WA 

                                                                              Path Intl. Level II Driving Instructor                                    Bronny Friesians   



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