Fun Facts about

Petals, Feathers & Fur

  • Alex the Alligator                                        is from Merritt Island, Florida  

  • Bonney the Bumblebee                               is from South Portland, Maine

  • Grace the Corgi                                          is from Portland, Maine  

  • Diego the Donkey                                       is from Cape Elizabeth, Maine  

  • Edgar the Elephant Seal                              is from San Luis Obispo, California

  • Frederick the Frog                                      is from Weld, Maine

  • Gus the Gull                                               is from York, Maine

  • Shadow the Horse                                      was from Sharon, Connecticut

  • Iris the Ibis                                                 is from Indian Harbor, Florida

  • Jerry the Jellyfish                                        is from Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • Kelly the Kangaroo                                     is from York, Maine

  • The Ladyslippers                                        are from Weld, Maine

  • Maggie the Moose                                     is from Gray, Maine

  • Nellie the Nibbling Prairie Dog                   is from York, Maine

  • Ollie the Osprey                                        is from Satelitte Beach, Florida

  • Pete the Pelican                                         is from Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • The Quiet Sunset                                      was in Nokomis, Florida

  • Rufus the Racoon                                      is from Gray, Maine

  • Sandy the Sanderling                                is from Cocoa Beach, Florida

  • Tommy the Tortoise                                  is from Indian Harbor, Florida

  • The Upside-down Squirrel                         is from Zion, Utah

  • The Black Violet                                        is from Weld, Maine

  • The Waterlily                                            is in South Portland, Maine

  • The Xenia Flower                                      is in Merritt Island, Florida

  • Yuri the Yawning Seal                               is in San Louis Obispo, California

  • Zelda the Zebra                                         is in York, Maine

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