Diego the Donkey

Take a little journey with my friend Diego as he struggles with fitting in on the farm.  He learns that there is nothing wrong with being different. 

Enjoy this heartwarming adventure.

ISBN  978-1-7325536-0-6

Tommy the Tortoise

Tommy teaches an important lesson about safety while crossing the road.  He shows children his entertaining way of crossing his road, what he looks for and when it is snack time !

ISBN  978-1-7325536-1-3

Petals, Feathers & Fur

This book is a must have for every home. Children of all ages can look through my camera lens and discover a whole new world of A,B,C's.  From Maine to California to Florida and back again, discovering new Petals, Feathers & Fur will delight the whole family.

ISBN  978-1-7325536-2-0 

Sidney the Squirrel

Follow these fluffy tails through Deering Oaks Park as they play their favorite game.  Up and down and right into your hearts they go.

ISBN 978-1-7325536-5-1

Penelope's Peace Place

Will this cute little Prairie Dog ever find a peaceful place?  This lighthearted story is just what we all need in the world today.

ISBN 978-1-7325536-3-7

Feathered Rainbow

Take a little adventure to meet my feathered friends.  You will discover all the colors of the Rainbow in this colorful and entertaining book.  Hope you enjoy learning who these beautiful feathers belong to.

ISBN 978-1-7325536-4-4

Ears, Feet & Tails

Ears, Feet and Tails take you on an educational journey.  Discover whose tails are who's and see some very strange feet!

Try to guess before you flip the next page! 

ISBN 978-1-7325536-6-8

Counting by the Shore

Take a little trip to the shore and practice your counting skills.  A fun little book to help little learners add up to ten.  Enjoy my friends by the shore!

ISBN 978-1-7325536-7-5

'Following My Shadow' now available on Amazon!

Scott Monroe was an Arborist from Connecticut with no horse experience. 

At forty, he decided to take up Combined Driving and soon aspired to be on the United States Equestrian Team.  

This book shares the adventure Scott embarks on ‘Following His Shadow’

for nearly twenty-three years.  

How his determination, focus and one amazing horse made their dreams

come true. 

This story is based on true life events with many of Scott’s training methods shared throughout the pages.  It is an easy and enjoyable read for all who cherish he incredible bond between horses

and their people.


There are new stories coming soon!

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