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Miss Lisa's Little Learners

Tommy the Tortoise front cover jpeg.jpg
Tommy the Tortoise

Tommy teaches an important lesson about safety while crossing the road.  He shows children his entertaining way of crossing his road, what he looks for and when it is snack time !

ISBN  978-1-7325536-1-3

Petals, Feathers & Fur front cover jpeg.
Petals, Feathers & Fur

This book is a must have for every home. Children of all ages can look through my camera lens and discover a whole new world of A,B,C's.  From Maine to California to Florida and back again, discovering new Petals, Feathers & Fur will delight the whole family.

ISBN  978-1-7325536-2-0 

Feathered Rainbow

Take a little adventure to meet my feathered friends.  You will discover all the colors of the Rainbow in this colorful and entertaining book.  Hope you enjoy learning who these beautiful feathers belong to.

ISBN 978-1-7325536-4-4

Feathered Rainbow Cover.jpg
Ears, Feet & Tails Cover.jpg
Ears, Feet & Tails

Ears, Feet and Tails take you on an educational journey.  Discover whose tails are who's and see some very strange feet!

Try to guess before you flip the next page! 

ISBN 978-1-7325536-6-8

Counting by the Shore

Take a little trip to the shore and practice your counting skills.  A fun little book to help little learners add up to ten.  Enjoy my friends by the shore!

ISBN 978-1-7325536-7-5

Counting at the Shore Cover.jpg
What is a Barrel Cover.jpg
What is a Barrel ?

What a fun way to learn what you call groups of feathered,

furry and slippery creatures.  Enjoy this fun journey with Apes, Otters & Manatees.

ISBN 978-1-7325536-9-9

The Pledge of Allegiance
Pledge of Allegiance Cover.jpg

Join Edgar the Eagle while he learns the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thank you to all who have

fought and continue to serve our Country.

ISBN 978-1-7325536-8-2

Eat your Greens Cover 1.jpg
Eat your Greens

Perhaps our feathered and furry friends can help encourage children to Eat a few more of their greens!

ISBN 978-1-7325536-8-2

The Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer.jpg

No matter your faith or beliefs,

you will surely enjoy a walk 

through this beautiful garden.

Enjoy the view!

ISBN 978-1-7325536-9-9

Have you ever thought about what trees bring to our lives?  From their incredible beauty to their inviting shade, they can bring a little bit of the country to the city and to your home.

Enjoy some of our favorites from Mt. Blue State Park in Weld, Maine and Deering Oaks Park in Portland, Maine. 

ISBN 978-1-7358380-3-8

If I Was a Tree Cover smaller.png
If I was a Tree

There are more Little Learners  coming soon !

Fun Facts about

Petals, Feathers & Fur

  • Alex the Alligator                                        is from Merritt Island, Florida  

  • Bonney the Bumblebee                               is from South Portland, Maine

  • Grace the Corgi                                          is from Portland, Maine  

  • Diego the Donkey                                       is from Cape Elizabeth, Maine  

  • Edgar the Elephant Seal                              is from San Luis Obispo, California

  • Frederick the Frog                                      is from Weld, Maine

  • Gus the Gull                                               is from York, Maine

  • Shadow the Horse                                      was from Sharon, Connecticut

  • Iris the Ibis                                                 is from Indian Harbor, Florida

  • Jerry the Jellyfish                                        is from Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • Kelly the Kangaroo                                     is from York, Maine

  • The Ladyslippers                                        are from Weld, Maine

  • Maggie the Moose                                     is from Gray, Maine

  • Nellie the Nibbling Prairie Dog                   is from York, Maine

  • Ollie the Osprey                                        is from Satelitte Beach, Florida

  • Pete the Pelican                                         is from Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • The Quiet Sunset                                      was in Nokomis, Florida

  • Rufus the Racoon                                      is from Gray, Maine

  • Sandy the Sanderling                                is from Cocoa Beach, Florida

  • Tommy the Tortoise                                  is from Indian Harbor, Florida

  • The Upside-down Squirrel                         is from Zion, Utah

  • The Black Violet                                        is from Weld, Maine

  • The Waterlily                                            is in South Portland, Maine

  • The Xenia Flower                                      is in Merritt Island, Florida

  • Yuri the Yawning Seal                               is in San Louis Obispo, California

  • Zelda the Zebra                                         is in York, Maine

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