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"The square 8” format and the fabulous photos splashed on the cover provide the eye appeal.  The well-crafted tales inside are simple but very relevant for young children.  I related instantly to many of the photos because they were “made in Maine.”  The Weld Free Public Library is currently showcasing Lolisa’s first three books. 

She is our latest Weld authoress!"

                                                                                                             ~Nancy Stowell

Charming books for animal lovers young and old. Playful yet beautiful images fill the pages

of these stories and carry positive messages about friendship, family, and diversity.

My kindergarten students especially love Petals, Feathers, and Fur because it gives them a

real life object to connect to the letters and sounds we are currently learning. Many of these animals my students might find in their own back yard!


I would highly recommend the addition of any of these books to your collection today! 

Gorgeous photos. Lovable characters. Inspiring stories.

                                                                                                                     ~Miss Bonney

                                            Kindergarten Teacher, Falmouth Elementary, Falmouth Maine

"I love these books!  Lolisa's photos are stunning, and she uses them in the most enjoyable and edifying ways.  Kids not only engage their imagination with the wonderful world around them, they also take away lessons as valuable and varied as "it's ok to be different" and "look before you cross the street."  These will make the perfect present for all my friends who have children."

~Melinda Takeuchi, Professor in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Stanford University.  Winner of the Association for Asian Studies Prize for best book on Japan, horse-lover, and contributor to various driving periodicals like Driving Digest and The Whip.

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